Best wedding day ideas with your dog

We all love our furry friends and of course we want them to be part of our special day. Here we gathered some of the top tips on ways to include your dog or puppies on your wedding day.


How to include your dog in your wedding


  1. Find a Dog friendly venue

Make sure you do your research beforehand, there are plenty of stunning wedding venues around UK that are dog friendly. But also make sure to consider for any guests that are either allergic or afraid of dogs – as this could present as a challenge.


Best Wedding Ideas to include your dog


  1. Find a role for your dog

Plan ahead about your dog’s role on your special day, whether is for them to

  • Be your ring bearer,
  • Carry your small flower bouquet,
  • Accompany you by down the isle,
  • Be your bridesmaid or made of honour or
  • Have them stand with you at the front of the altar


Top Wedding Ideas with your dog


Just imagine whatever you do, having your beloved dog there would be a wonderful addition to your day and your professional photos would look so cute that everyone would keep saying “aweeeee”.


Best Wedding Ideas with your dog


  1. Wedding photos with your dog

Find a cute outfit to dress up your dog; whatever tickles your fancy whether if it’s a princess dress or a dog tuxedo or a dapper jacket. Make them look the part. Just remember it’s your day and your rules! And have fun! These furry friends would add that magical touch or theatrical feel to your wedding portraits that you will always remember.


Best Wedding Ideas to Include your dog


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