At AubeNord, we are committed to delivering high quality and timeless design pieces from the finest women, mens' accessory wears, to pets clothing and classic home and wardrobe essentials.  

We are a London based boutique online store, and launched our brand to help fill a big void in the high quality and trendy personal and home wear accessories market for modern and stylish individuals, but without a massive price tag. Offering range of products inspired by designs from across the world with a touch of French, Portuguese, Nordic and British charm that are simple, modern and clean-cut with a pinch of quirkiness and style. 

We are a small team, coming together from different parts of the world with our heritage rooted in UK, Portugal, France and South Africa and pride our self in delivering exceptional service with a personal touch. 

Aubenord London - About Us

Our motto is simple, we want you to be you and recognise individuality and diversity. And that is why we created AubeNord, to be your quality fashion best friend. For the days you want to simply wear our pieces to go out. Or for when you are just so excited to redecorate your home with our quality pieces to post a selfie with...

Our products are shipped worldwide to over 150 countries. And it is our mission to open up the boundaries of the world so everyone can enjoy our products.

AubeNord About US - Helping Hands

But it doesn’t all end here, we all know its much better to give than to receive and that is why are committed with your help, to donate a portion of our every sale to your nominated charities every quarter! These charities are hand picked as they are all close to our hearts and our aim is to rotate the choices every now and then, so that everyone can benefit from the share of raised good causes.