Aubenord is a london based boutique online store for French Bulldog clothing and accessories that was founded in 2017.  Our motto is simple, we want your little Frenchie to be always fabulous by celebrating their individuality and personality with our range of unique and handpicked items. And that is why we created AubeNord! to be your Frenchie's fashion best friend.

As a small family with our star member Loui the Frenchie, we pride our self in delivering exceptional service with a personal touch. Although Loui might ask for tricks or treats …

We are a London based boutique online store and launched our brand to help fill a big void in the high quality and trendy wardrobe pieces for modern and stylish French Bulldogs, but without a massive price tag!


Our products are shipped worldwide to over 150 countries. It is our mission to open up the boundaries of the world so everyone can enjoy our products.  But it doesn’t all end here, we all know its much better to give than to receive and that is why are committed with your help, to donate a portion of our every sale to registered dog charities or shelters every quarter! These charities are hand picked as they are all close to our hearts and our aim is to rotate the choices every now and then, so that everyone can benefit from the share of raised good causes.