Chew ball Toy For Dog Tooth Cleaning, Dog teeth cleaning ball

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Dog chew toy ball, IQ Toy for dogs, dog teeth cleaning ball, dog treat dispensing ball

Item Description:

  • Great for Dog teeth cleaning - perfect toy for cleaning your dog teeth or puppies teeth by reducing chances of tartar buildups and plaques
  • Made from durable and non toxic natural rubber - can be stuffed with treats and can dispense food during play times, ideal distraction toy for dogs and growing puppies to protect your furnitures from being damaged
  • Functional design and easy to carry - this cute dog chew toy comes in a ball shape, making it a great dog play time toy for both indoors/ outdoors also helps stimulating their IQ
  • Available in different colours and sizes - this toy comes in a variety of vibrant colours of red, yellow, orange, green, blue and cyan and various sizes, making it also a beautiful accessory piece for your dog wardrobe

Item Specifications:

  • Item Type: Dog chew ball, puppy treat dispensing ball, dog treat dispensing ball, puppy chew ball, dog IQ toy, puppy IQ toy
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sizes: S & L
  • Type: Dogs
  • Unit: 1 pc.
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  • Please choose the appropriate chew ball for your dog according to their size. 
  • We advise only to use any pet toys when under full supervision. 

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