Dog Clickers for Dog Training

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Dog Clicker for Dog Training

Item Description:
  • Proven dog training method - the dog clickers are one of the best tools to train dogs and are widely used by many dog behaviouralists and trainers as part of the routine dog or puppy training programmes
  • Distinctive sound - this device makes a clear distinctive "click" sound, which is used by many as part of positive reinforcement dog training programme along with treats
  • Comfortable design, lightweight and easy to carry - this dog clicker device comes with a wrist band that makes it easy to carry during dog walking, as there is no need to keep them in pockets
  • Quality inspected - Our product have been inspected by a reputable third party for quality assurance
  • Available in different colours - this device comes in a variety of colours, making it also a beautiful accessory piece for your dog walking to match rest of your outfit. 

Item Specifications:
  • Item Type: Training Clickers
  • Model Number: Training Clicker
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Dogs
  • Unit: 1 pc.
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