Dog Toothbrush Stick, Dog Oral Care Stick

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Dog chew stick, dog dental tooth brush, dog teeth cleaning stick, puppy teeth cleaning stick

Item Description:

  • Great tool for dog teeth cleaning - tired of cleaning your dog's teeth the old fashion way? then you'll love this dog chew stick. Perfectly designed to help cleaning your dog teeth or puppies teeth by reducing chances of tartar buildups and plaques
  • Easy to use and dishwasher safe - Simply spread the dogs toothpaste along the bristles inside the brush and your dog will grind away the touch to reach dental tartar buildups
  • Designed to make your dog and puppy happy - its uniquely designed for canine's teeth. 
  • Made from durable and non toxic natural rubber - this cute chew stick is perfectly designed to help cleaning hard to reach back molars. The elasticity of the rubber will not hurt your dog or puppy's teeth. Made from extra-thick rubber for better durability and bite resistance 
  • Ideal as a gift - Comes with a universal size. It's practical, light weight and easy to carry
Note: Not to be used for more than 10-15 min max per day, as you want to avoid your dog from getting bored of the toy. Never leave your dogs unsupervised whilst using toys. 

Item Specifications:

  • Item Type: Dog chew stick, puppy chew stick, dog toothbrush, puppy toothbrush stick
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sizes: One size
  • Type: Dogs
  • Unit: 1 pc.
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