At Aubenord, we welcome affiliates, likeminded individuals and companies who share our values and want to extend our footprint in the market place, either offline (via direct sales) or online (via their social networks, sites, blogs, emails, etc). 
As such, we have created exceptional tiered base commission opportunities for our affiliates.

AubeNord Affiliate Opportunities - Gold, Silver and Bronze Packages

These often include revenue based share opportunities per successful buys, exclusive discount codes for their audience and campaigns, as we well as access to our employee only product pricing discounts.
We have three levels of affiliates pricing and benefits: 





  • Successful purchases refers to any customer with successful buys with no product returns
  • Revenue shares calculated using last click and awarded only on a quarterly basis (subject to having a Paypal or a valid bank account or where sending money from EU is available to your destination)
  • Reduced employee only product pricing is only subject to a maximum of 10 buys per month. Higher use can be discussed based on your tier level and any abuse could lead in account privileges being revoked or product purchases not validated.