Stylish and Intelligent Anti-skid and Antibacterial French Bulldog bowl

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Stylish and Intelligent Anti-skid and Antibacterial French Bulldog bowl

Design Concept:

  • Chic and minimalistic Anti-Skid and Antimicrobial dog bowl
  • A fantastic item for your pet as it allows you to monitor their consumption but also stylish to compliment your home interior
  • Vibrant and trendy colours to match your needs
  • A beautiful and intelligent piece made for your pets
  • Low power consumption with intelligent power saving
  • Perfect as a house gift, loved by our customers

Item Specifications:

  • Material:  Plastic
  • Size: S: c. 180x 180x 60mm
  • Capacity: 450 ml
  • Features antimicrobial outer shell - better alternative to normal ceramic bowls
  • Water proof exterior shell and has anti skid bottom 
  • Perfect dog bowl for French Bulldogs or small dogs
  • Colours: White, Cow, Polka Dot
  • Energy use: Low power consumption, great efficiency
  • Item includes 1 pet bowl 
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    User direction: 

    • To turn on/ off the device simply press the built-in button at the front of the bowl.
    • To change weight measurement metric to pounds or grams simply hold this button for 3 seconds.
    • To change batteries we recommend unscrewing the battery side located at bottom of pet bowl. When changing batteries ensure it's tightly fastened to prevent any water from entering. 
    • You can also download the bowl app from your smartphone app store (Android or Apple)
    • The app has many features including allowing you to track your pets consumptions.